I am pleased to say that you are now welcome to make an appointment to come and view my superb selection of pianos for sale or monthly rental. Strict social distancing under Government Guidlines will apply. Viewings are strictly by appointment only.

Carefully selected and beautifully prepared Yamaha U series pianos going fast along with a great selection of other carefully overhauled pianos.

These are my current pianos for Sale or Monthly Hire. They are a small selection (I am not a shop) but each is carefully chosen by me and lovingly overhauled or reconditioned inside as well as out and all of them are guaranteed for 5 years. You are most welcome to come and try the pianos but please make an appointment first by EMAILING matthew@mpgpianos.com, or by PHONING (you may need to leave a message)  01255 670780 or by TEXTING my mobile: 07946 419780 - please don't ring my mobile - I'll be tuning ;-) A text is fine and I'll get straight back. Looking forward to hearing from you...

Haven't heard of a U2? Well, is the U1 too small or the tone too bright for your own tastes? Is the U3 just a little too big or loud for your own ear?? The far less common Yamaha U2 is a fabulous compromise - well no, not a compromise but a gorgeous piano in its own right! No longer made but this 1980 U2 is available now! £3700 to buy outright or £75 per month to hire.

Height 126cm, Width 151cm, Depth 62cm.

The ever popular Yamaha U1. This fabulous U1 is properly renovated inside and out and chosen, regulated and serviced by me, not  just bought in and sold straight on. Well below half the price of a brand new U1 at only £3400 to buy with a 5 year guarantee, or rent it at £75 a month under my flexible scheme.

Height 121cm, Width 151cm, Depth 62cm.

Very Special. A Genuine 1984 German W.Hoffmann. Note! NOT the current budget  Bechstein made in the Czech. Republic - this is the superior original one made in what was then West Germany. It has the beautiful sonerous German tone they are famous for.

£3750 or £75 per month to rent.

Height 117cm, Width 146cm, Depth 56cm

This Rosler piano was made in Chechoslovakia in 1981. It has a soft, warm tone and is perfect if you like a slightly heavier touch than the Yamahas. Small, neat, not black and excellent value at only £1400 to buy or £50 a month to rent!

Height 109cm, Width 144cm, Depth 57cm

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Don't forget that when you buy or rent a piano from MPG Pianos you are getting it from me. I select it, work on it, advise you about it, sell or rent it, deliver it and look after it for you if you want me to. I am not a shop but a fully qualified piano tuner and technician working on my own and my whole career has been spent working on pianos. If you want a personal service all the way through the process contact me today.

Looking for a good Grand piano?  I rarely have Grands in stock but I do have many contacts in the trade across the UK and can try to help you find one you'll love. Rest assured that I would only put you in touch with Piano Dealers and Technicians I trust. Let me know about the Grand Piano you need and I'll do my best to help you but do remember that Grand Pianos which are as good on the inside as well as the outside are not going to be £1500!!


Viewing of pianos by appointment only

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