These are my current pianos for Sale. Do take a look at the information and videos below. They are a small selection (I am not a shop) but each is carefully chosen by me and lovingly prepared, overhauled or reconditioned inside as well as out and all of them are guaranteed for 5 years. You are most welcome to come and try the pianos but please make an appointment first by EMAILING or TEXTING my mobile: 07946 419780 - please don't ring my mobile - a text is fine and I'll get straight back to you. Looking forward to hearing from you...


YAMAHA U3 A stunning 1986 U3, beautifully repolished and reconditioned inside and out. A rich and sonorous bass and a wonderfully expressive treble. If you are wanting a piano that plays with depth and character you would struggle to find a better Yamaha.

A bit special. £5,999.

Height: 131cm, Width: 154 cm, Depth: 65cm

See video below.


YAMAHA U1 Could this beautiful U1 be the piano for you? Made in 1982 it has enough brightness to sing sweetly but also a mellowness to enrich those softer romantic pieces. A great all rounder, the U1 is famous for pleasing on all levels and this one is no exception. Super quality. Price £4999.

Height: 121cm, Width: 151cm, Depth: 62 cm

See video below.

YAMAHA U3   My U3 pianos are carefully selected and prepared to reach you in perfect order. This incredible piano would grace any home with it's glossy, mirror like, concert style casework and a tone to pull at the heartstrings. A musicians instrument to be enjoyed and savoured. £5999.

Height: 131cm, Width: 154cm, Depth: 65cm.

See and hear it on the video below.


YAMAHA U1  Another gorgeous U1. This one has a slightly more mellow tone than some other Yamaha U1 pianos. Great fun to play with bundles of character. Made in 1977 but fully overhauled with a 5 year guarantee against mechanical and structural fault, free local ground floor delivery, free new adjustable matching stool and a  free tuning about 4 weeks after delivery. What a bargain!


Height: 121cm, Width: 151cm, Depth: 62cm. See the Video of it below.

You can now ADD HEADPHONES to your Yamaha

 Top class 'Silent' System - add before sale for £2,000 or add to your own Yamaha £2,500

Electronic Components

Tranform Your Real Piano

Into a digital one - at the flick of a switch!

A REAL piano with Headphones? If you have or want to buy one of my Yamaha U1, U2 or U3 or a similar type of piano, I can now retrofit a brilliant state of the art 'silent' system to your own instrument. Play it normally or flick a lever to convert to headphone play. Have a look at the video below to see more. The particular piano in the video below is now sold but do contact me if you are interested in the Silent system.

Can't decide on whether you would like U1 or a U3? Take a look below:

Below is my stock of Yamahas which arrived in September 2023

Can't stretch to an MPG Piano? Check out these class tips below

The pianos below are all sold now but I'm always so proud of the quality.

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Don't forget that when you buy a piano from MPG Pianos you are getting it from me. I select it, work on it, advise you about it, sell or rent it, deliver it and carry out its first tuning once in your home. I am not a shop but a fully qualified piano tuner and technician working on my own and my whole career has been spent working on pianos. If you want a personal service all the way through the process contact me today.

Looking for a good Grand piano?  I rarely have Grands in stock but I do have many contacts in the trade across the UK and can try to help you find one you'll love. Rest assured that I would only put you in touch with Piano Dealers and Technicians I trust. Let me know about the Grand Piano you need and I'll do my best to help you but do remember that Grand Pianos which are as good on the inside as well as the outside are not going to be £1500!!


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