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I don't offer you the cheapest piano but the very best quality and customer service

I sell  good quality REAL acoustic  pianos (not keyboards)! I specialise in Yamaha U series pianos which are as popular as ever and I have supplied many of these excellent quality pianos over the years to musicians, piano teachers and music students who have been thrilled with them. I can now also fit quality 'Silent Systems' to them by request, which enable you to use a real Yamaha piano with headphones when you choose. Sometimes I stock other great secondhand pianos too. Being a fully qualified piano tuner and technician, I  personally select all my  pianos and ensure that they are properly overhauled 'inside' as well as out. The inside of a piano is much more important than the outside and this is something that buyers are often unaware of or just can not check. Careful regulation and adjustment ensures that each note gives optimum touch and tone, so that as well as looking beautiful, they sound and 'feel' beautiful as well.  Remember, I am not a shop but a qualified piano tuner and technician working for myself. From selecting the piano, working on it, advising you about it, delivering it and tuning it for the first time once it's in your home, you will deal with me personally. I don't promise you a cheap piano but I do promise a fabulous one that should delight you for many years to come. My price will include local ground floor delivery, a matching stool and a first tuning, so you would be buying a complete package with no hidden extras. All my pianos are guaranteed for 5 years! Why not have a look at my stock list?

Don't only judge a book by it's cover! How does it look inside?

Quality Pianos Not Old Wrecks!!

Try not to buy  cheap poor quality pianos from an auction site or the local paper. I have tuned these type of purchases most days and in my experience, a piano such as this will hold you or your child back and probably put them off pianos for good!


Viewing of pianos by appointment only

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